New Smiles Gallery

One smile at a time, we’re doing our best to improve our patients’ oral health. Whether it’s teeth whitening, full smile makeovers, replacing missing teeth, or fixing broken ones, it’s always a pleasure to  help our patients transform their beautiful smiles!  

Becky didn’t like how the crowns on her two front teeth that she has had since she was a teenager looked. She felt the crowns looked “too big and unnatural” compared to her adjacent teeth. Her front two crowns were replaced with porcelain crowns and now they look natural, as if nothing was ever done.

P.F. never liked the way his chipped, discolored teeth looked. He also didn’t like how his two front teeth looked as if they “stuck out.” A combination of porcelain veneers and crowns, after having braces, gave him the confident smile he was looking for.

Dave came to us with many restorative needs. He had a bite that wasn’t stable and caused wear and fractures to his teeth. Braces were first used to align his teeth in a stable bite. Because he had extensive damage to all his teeth, a full mouth reconstruction was done with crowns to restore his teeth. Use of the Master Diagnostic Model made his treatment predictable and a huge success.

Erin was born congenitally missing later incisors. As a teenager, she had braces to close the spaces and veneers to make her canines look like her lateral incisors. The veneers didn’t match the shade of her teeth and the size proportions had always bothered her. We replaced the veneers after using the Master Diagnostic Model to make sure we had the correct proportions before starting the treatment. Now the teeth look natural and are in perfect proportions as if she never had two front teeth missing.

Brad had large, stained, old composite fillings on his front two teeth and he was always afraid they would break if he wasn’t careful. He decided to have them replaced with porcelain veneers as well as the lateral incisors. We did a Master Diagnostic Model wax up to be able to see what the final result would be like before we even started the treatment. Now he doesn’t have to look at the discolored, old fillings and he can eat what he wants without thinking of breaking his fillings.

Kathy had old worn out and stained fillings that she really didn’t like. She also had old worn out crowns with fractures due to an unstable bite from having multiple missing teeth. Her bite was stabilized by replacing the missing teeth and a full mouth reconstruction with crowns. This enabled us to give her the great esthetic and functional result she was looking for.

Karen has always had to live with spaces between her teeth and she finally decided to make a change. After using the Master Diagnostic Model to show her what the end result would look like, we closed all of her spaces using porcelain crowns.

Molly had very large fillings on her front four teeth to replace severe fractures. Over the years, they started to chip away and become discolored. Molly was looking for an option that would result in straighter and stronger teeth so that she didn’t have to worry about them breaking while eating. After bleaching, porcelain crowns were done to achieve her goals. Now she can smile and eat with confidence.

Patty’s top front right tooth had to be extracted and was replaced with an implant. She also didn’t like how the large filling on her other front tooth didn’t match. The two front teeth were restored with porcelain crowns after bleaching and now she can smile without trying to hide her front teeth.

Tom had started to notice that his front teeth were beginning to chip away and appear shorter. The edges had started to look “jagged” to him and he didn’t want it to get worse. Tom’s bite was stabilized and the teeth were restored to their original shape using porcelain crown